5 Best Employee Monitoring Software and How to Use Them Effectively



In this digital environment, businesses are increasingly relying on technology to streamline operations and improve productivity. One area where technology has made significant strides is in employee monitoring software. These software provide managers with insights into how their employees spend their time, permitting them to recognize the era for improvement and increase productivity. However, selecting the correct employee monitoring software and using it effectively are hard to maximize its benefits while respecting employee privacy and maintaining a positive work environment.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software or tracking application is an essential part of efficiency and productivity in organizations these days. These tools track and monitor the screen activities of your company’s employees to identify.

  • Work hours.
  • Idle hours.
  • Productive and unproductive hours.
  • Efficiency and inefficient time.
  • Categorize useful and non-useful URLs.

With a good employee monitoring software, you get these performance metrics in real time. Evaluating these values help you identify areas of improvement, if needed, and device the best solutions to increase productivity and efficiency levels of your team members. 

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Using Employee Monitoring Software can reap many benefits for you and your organizations. Take a look below at how companies benefitted from using such tools, and how you can. 

Increases productivity and efficiency: Many companies are enjoying around 40% increase in efficiency and productivity by using employee monitoring software. The tool tracks and logs employee behavior and screen activity. When you evaluate these values, you get assistance in creating effective solutions to improve your employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Fair payment to employees: Employee Monitoring Software logs the accurate work hours and work time utilization of your employees, along with their attendance. You can use this data to make the correct payroll and disburse fair salaries to your staff for their hard work.

  • Similarly, the application calculates billable and non-billable hours. That way, you only charge your clients for the former.

Other than that there are many other advantages of using employee monitoring software. Take a look below.

  • Optimal data security.
  • Prevention of insider threats.
  • Identifying and solving performance issues.
  • Accurate management of time and resources.
  • Perfectly monitor remote employees.
  • Promotes employee accountability.
  • Keeps your company’s reputation safe.
  • Helps in training and development.
  • Enhances communication and collaboration.
  • Performance metrics and insightful values help address insider threats.

With so many benefits, there’s no reason for you to not get and implement a good employee monitoring software. However, with so many choices out there, picking the best one can be overwhelming. So, to help you out, we have discussed the names and usages of the top 5 employee monitoring applications.      

The 5 Best Employee Monitoring Software and How to Use Them Effectively:

1. Teramind

Teramind is a versatile monitoring system which works for a large number of features, such as real-time activity tracking, keystroke logging, website and application monitoring, as well as productivity analysis. In addition, it has variables that provide insights on user behavior analytics and insider threats detection, which may work for companies with great security standards.

For Teramind to be properly employed, first make sure that the objectives of monitoring are clearly communicated to your workforce, and that they give their consent. Decide on tangible criteria for feedback and control mechanisms that may include assessment of activity or leakage detection. Personalize the software to fit in your organization’s policies and follow the transparent and ethical monitoring guidelines.

2. Time Doctor

The Time Doctor is one of the most widely accepted attendance and productivity tools that allows companies to monitor employees’ work and improve their workflow. It provides tools like time tracking, site and application monitoring, screenshot capture, and customized report preparation. It should be pointed out that Time Doctor is specifically oriented towards remote teams, with managers being able to keep track of the productivity of every team member no matter where they work from.

While working with Time Doctor, respect the data gathered by manually searching for bottlenecks in the workflow and replacing them with better time management practices. Instigate employees to view the software as a tool for improvement of themselves not spying on them. Maintain employee feedback and support continuously so that workers may maximize their output while at the same time keeping a healthy work-life balance.

3. DeskTrack

DeskTrack is a practical yet effective tool for employee monitoring that tracks the times spent on different tasks and apps. It has a feature set up like employee monitoring  software, productivity reports, and project & kanban tracking which makes it appropriate for all types of businesses. However, DeskTrack additionally includes the function of URL and app tracking in case the manager wishes to have the monitoring more detailed.

Efficient use of DeskTrack requires providing team members with established rules concerning productivity and time management. Motivate employees to track their way of accomplishing this result and look for places of improvement. Analyze the data collected for patterns and trends of, for example, highest productivity hours or frequent diversions, and rearrange the flow of work consequently.

4. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a very comprehensive employee monitoring product with numerous capabilities such as real-time activity monitoring, productivity measurement, and behavioral analytics. It provides not only additional options such as establishing alarm triggers and screenshot captures but also enables employers to predict and deal with issues in advance. In fact, ActivTrak is a suitable solution for businesses of any size, from startups to large companies.

When implementing ActivTrak, you should stress on trust but also on transparency and accountability. The need to monitor and how the obtained data will be used by the organization to improve its performance and efficiency should be explained clearly. Allow employees to give feedback on how they perceive the software and take their worries seriously. Clarity can be gained from the data given by ActivTrak in a way that workflows can be optimized and a culture of continuous improvement can be excited .

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time-tracking application and a remote employee management platform that helps businesses get to grips with managing distributed teams more efficiently. It enables features like timekeeping, geolocation, activity tracking, and automated payroll that make it the best fit for organizations with remote or distributed employees. Hubstaff also has many integrations with popular project management and communication tools, which make the project flow management easier.

The more important thing is to get clear communication and goal setting to Hubstaff. Define clear expectations pertaining work hours, productivity numbers and protocols for communication by remote teams. Establish a plan that will help you to analyze the data gathered by Hubstaff and find the bottlenecks and ability to reallocate the resources efficiently. To encourage open communication and feedback, it is important that employees are provided with such support and importance.


Employee monitoring software can be a valuable tool for improving productivity, maximizing workflow, and increasing security. By selecting the correct software and using it effectively, businesses can gain insightful values into employee behavior while encouraging an environment of transparency and accountability. However, it is important to balance the benefits of monitoring with respect for employee privacy and maintaining a positive work environment. With clear communication, goal setting, and feedback, businesses can leverage employee monitoring software to drive success and achieve their objectives.


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