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How to choose the perfect outsourcing company?

Simple tips for choosing the perfect outsourcing company. Benefits of Body Leasing. How can such a format of cooperation be valid for your business?

Some tips for choosing outsourcers

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown that the IT industry can improve our world and adapt it to any conditions. Today, this sector is developing at a tremendous speed, and many companies are receiving more and more orders. To cope with a large volume of tasks, it makes sense to order Body Leasing. It will allow you to delegate part of your responsibilities to outsourcing specialists, complete the work on time or gain access to the necessary knowledge.

What is outsourcing?

In many countries, such a concept as outsourcing is still poorly developed, while in the US and the EU, this area has been actively developing for a long time. Outsourcing is the hiring of independent employees to perform specific tasks. Maintaining a large staff of permanent employees is quite expensive, so it often makes sense to hire independent specialists for one-time or permanent work.

Types of outsourcing

Today, there are 2 main types of outsourcing – body leasing and team leasing.

Body leasing assumes you can hire one or more specialists of the required skill level to perform individual tasks, such as proofreading code or performing monotonous work that takes a lot of time.

Team leasing assumes you will hire a stacked team to perform quite complex tasks, such as creating a feature-rich website or mobile application.

The type of outsourcing depends on what goals you want to achieve in your work. If you already have a development team, but for some reason, they do not have time or cannot complete the required size of tasks, you need body leasing. But, if you have a small startup with a limited budget, hiring team leasing is more profitable.

Who might need outsourcing specialists?

As already mentioned, outsourcing specialists can perform a wide range of tasks. Such services are ideal for both large businesses and small startups.

This type of cooperation has a lot of advantages, among the most important are:

  • Reduce the cost of software development by 20% – 30%;
  • Speed ​​up the execution of the necessary work;
  • Simplifies the work of the manager;
  • Get more qualified personnel;
  • Improve the emotional state of your team.

With outsourcing, you can delegate boring, time-consuming monotonous work to the more complex and essential tasks of growing your business. So, you can put more effort into finding new investors, improving the brand, and increasing awareness of it.

How to choose the ideal specialist?

Outsourcing can only be helpful to you if you can find a good specialist. It is pretty challenging to do because you need to take into account a large number of factors:

  • Necessary skills;
  • Work experience;
  • Level of qualification;
  • Recommendations and feedback from other clients;
  • Ability to use the necessary documents and much more.

To ensure that a specialist is well qualified, you can not only carefully study their resume but also offer to do a test task. It will allow you to understand whether they have enough knowledge and skills to perform the necessary functions.

To meet excellent specialists, you can attend various IT events, study the activities of multiple companies, or you can contact SECL. This company has been developing websites and mobile applications since 2005 and has a large staff. Here you can either order a turnkey project or use individual outsourcing services (for example, services of a UX / UI designer, testers, back-etc, and front-end developers).

How to establish cooperation with an outsourcing specialist?

You will only be able to appreciate some of the benefits of cooperation with an outsourcing specialist if you learn how to set tasks correctly. So, you need to understand well what result you want to get and be able to explain it accurately. The better you put the job, the easier it will be for the specialist to complete it correctly.

In addition, you need to think about how you will communicate. Think through which channels you will share, how the reporting should look, how much time you give to complete the work, and how much you are willing to pay for it.

The terms of cooperation will significantly depend on what tasks you will set for your new outsourcing workers. It is not worth paying for services and interrupting collaboration before you fully double-check the quality of the work. So, for example, if you ordered the services of a tester, you need to wait until the programmers make the necessary changes. Sometimes when programmers look at a list of errors, some seem incomprehensible. They must have the opportunity to contact the testers to ask questions.

When is outsourcing necessary?

Each specialist is highly important for business development when you have a small staff. If one of them falls ill, goes on vacation, or quits, you need to quickly find a replacement for them to deliver the necessary projects on time. In this case, you can only do it with outsourcing. Such a specialist can temporarily take over the duties of a specialist who has dropped out of the game.

Sometimes your company receives more orders and needs help to cope with such a volume. It is not a reason to immediately expand the staff, since in the future the number of orders may decrease, which means that it will be difficult for you to maintain a large number of specialists. In this case, outsourcing will come to the rescue.


Software development is a fairly complex process that requires the necessary knowledge and skills. To make this easier, you can hire outsourcers. It will allow you to get a good result and reduce financial and time costs. You will be able to appreciate all the benefits of such cooperation only if you learn how to set tasks correctly.



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