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How to Update Chrome?

Which browser do you use? Is it Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Or do you use Internet Explorer or Bing? Be it any browser, each one of them requires to be updated. This will help the browser stay protected and secure from any malware attack or any built-in issue. People prefer to update the browser they use to enjoy the updated features and claim that they are up to date technologically.

Google chrome is the most used browser and is famous amongst people of all ages. You cannot even start to work without opening this browser, not because you have to work but because you have developed a habit of doing so. Google chrome is an intelligent browser that keeps on updating itself when there come any latest updates. It is programmed so that it welcomes all the updated versions and makes sure that it continues to work properly.

How to Update Chrome?

There are some obvious reasons why the browser may fail to update. The main reason might be the continued opened Google chrome screen. This will hinder the updates being downloaded, and then ultimately, you will have to help yourself and do everything manually.

Now the question arises how you will get the idea that your browser needs to be upgraded? You will see that there are 3 small minute dots on the top right of your screen. It will turn red, and when you move the mouse in it, it will pop up and say “more.”

Upon clicking, if you see the option of update, then you will have to click on it to let the updating process begin.

Bottom Line

If you do not know what to do, you will open the help option by clicking the 3 dots. You will see whether you have an updated version of it that needs to be upgraded. If it is updated, it will say so. So, if not the option will appear to “Update Google Chrome.”

If the updates have been downloaded, you will only have to click on the launch option. If not, you will first have to download the updates and extensions. Then you will click on launch. If the updates are not being installed, you will have to delete the google chrome and reinstall it so that the error can be removed.



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