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Dear Dr. Warren,

I am wishing you’ll assist me. I never really had difficulty meeting women and going out on times, but after about a month or two, I have found myself personally getting jealous of other dudes, and it also merely gets far worse following that. Initially she’ll think it really is method of attractive, however it becomes a real problem. A lady I absolutely liked lately left me on it, plus it threw me personally because I was thinking we’d a good thing going. Within knowledge, is jealousy something that may go out in time using the right person, or is it simply my nature to be similar to this?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Thanks to suit your excellent question. First off, I want to commend you for recognizing a behavior in yourself that you have seen affects your own interactions negatively. Second, I also would you like to guarantee you that envy is something you can easily work at so it doesn’t always have ahead between you and somebody you have got strong emotions for.

Simply put, jealousy is a damaging feeling that can show up in several types of circumstances. Whenever it happens in passionate relationships and it is directed toward other people who connect to your spouse, it signals a fear about shedding your partner to a potential competitor. That fear is usually rooted in some type of insecurity you have about yourself with regards to the object of your own jealousy. Becoming envious of who your partner connects with is also a sign of insecurity.

John, step one to overcoming jealousy should understand your personal motives, so I would like you to take some time for you consider the way you see yourself—both great qualities and not-so-good characteristics.

Initial consider carefully your most useful attributes in addition to areas into your life that you’re most proud of. On your greatest time if you decided to describe your a lot of good traits, what can you state? Often it can be helpful to also ask an in depth friends or loved ones how they see you, too, because they tends to be a good way to obtain more unbiased details. Whether or not it assists, try generating an email list.

Up coming, i really want you to think about the insecurities which you have about yourself along with your existence. It may be difficult to see these correctly, but it is important to recognize that envy begins initially with an overly unfavorable self-judgment. This negative judgment is then in comparison to a perception of some other the person you evaluate to-be better than you for some reason. These “better-than/less-than” evaluations result in the many problems for you myself before beginning to damage your relationships with others.

Whenever jealous views come to be jealous behaviors relationships are damaged. It may begin as a cold shoulder or dirty appearances, but shortly escalates and erupts in negative reviews and accusations toward your spouse herself, although she’s done no problem. By misjudging your spouse’s connection fidelity or stability, you might be accidentally disrespecting this lady. In healthier relationships, both lovers decide to get with the mate—it is actually a choice—and depend on will be the connect that helps them to stay collectively and keeps harmful envy from the photo.

The next time you might be confronted with a predicament wherein jealous thoughts toward another guy start to arise, i really want you to accomplish the annotated following:



Jealousy is certainly something that you can overcome to enable you to begin to enjoy more happy and more personal relationships with women. Remember that while couple of would argue that you’ll find nothing such as the comfort of once you understand our companion “belongs” to all of us, the reality is we “belong” to each other—by choice. Jealous behavior can be an option, but it is among control. By firmly taking steps to get over jealousy in your relationships, you will give-up the necessity to manage your companion to meet your anxiety, and you will in addition relieve your self through the all-consuming hold of envy that controls you.

Let us know how you perform.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren