How to make breadcrumbs

How to make breadcrumbs

To make breadcrumbs yourself, you don’t need more than old bread and a regular cheese grater. The simple cheese grater has a fine and a coarse side. We like to use both for our breadcrumbs because then the breading is best. The fine crumbs ensure that the schnitzel has an even crust all around. The coarser breadcrumbs make the homemade breading nice and crispy.

Tip: for breadcrumbs, you can use all dry bread, rolls, and old white bread, but the classic bread crumbs can also be rubbed in. Often, a slightly darker breading tastes perfect, for example, when you bread press dumplings before frying them or when you want a hearty herb crust on fish and meat.

Making croutons yourself is very easy – with the tips of the professional chef’s Croutons enhance soup and salad – so good!

How to make breadcrumbs yourself:

The homemade breadcrumbs, also called breadcrumbs, can easily keep for a year, but they are (just like flour), unfortunately, a more welcome meal for food moths. Especially storage jars that are not used continuously attract the little butterflies. If you want to protect yourself or your supplies from food moths and the like, you can put the glass in the refrigerator or freezer because the cold is not for moths.

Make croutons yourself: this is how it works.

Croutons refine salads and soups or serve as a filling for dumplings. Suppose you want to make croutons yourself. First, cut white bread into thin slices, cut off the rind and dice the bread. Fry the bread cubes in a pan – depending on your taste in butter, oil, or an oil-butter mixture. The croutons will be particularly hearty if you rub the pan with garlic beforehand. Or toast the croutons to render bacon fat.

Croutons turn dark quickly. So turn them several times until they are brown all over and then drain on kitchen paper.

If you want to save fat, you can roast croutons in a coated pan. You can even do this without any fat. However, the croutons do not taste so good then. Always sprinkle croutons on the dish just before serving. Otherwise, they will be soft!

Make croutons yourself – here you can try out your new knowledge

Whether in pumpkin soup or tomato soup  – croutons go wonderfully with soups. But croutons are also indispensable as a side salad for many people.
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